Offering an embodied experienced of Chinese medicine techniques, Yin Yoga, Myofascia release & meditation.

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50 Hour Online Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine Training

A creative Online Yin Yoga Training program combining body movement, mental resilience techniques, & developing emotional quotient.

This self paced training will gently guide you through all aspects of the Meridian system, Yin Yang theory & the 5 elemental theory.

Understand the physical connectivity with both our ZangFu internal organ system, & our sensory organs & the interrelationship with our emotional & mental well being, with signs of disharmonies.

You will learn how you can apply all this theory to the physical Yin yoga system & postures, developing both your personal Yin yoga journey & teaching skills.

Both seasonal attributions & elements can be found within human existence & provide a blueprint that shows how nature interacts with the body. Seasonal Yin Yoga Self-care is how we can cope better with daily stressors & includes everything related to staying physically healthy, nutrition, & interactions with others. Taking time out to check in with how we are taking care of our health & well-being & allowing ourselves to reflect on how we’re doing can provide space to listen to what our body & mind needs.

These five separate Yin yoga seasonal self-care short courses will gently connect you back with nature. You will learn how we relate to both the seasons & elements & how to incorporate Yin yoga & Chinese medicine tools to create wellness.

By paying attention to how our bodies work and understanding the connectivity of the emotional with the physical & with nature, we can find a better balance in our bodies & lives.


Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for spring

Spring is when the wood energy arises, associated with movement & fluidity, a time for new growth & fresh starts. After our restoration period during the winter months, we now emerge ready with our creative energy. This short course will encourage you to listen to your body’s messages, cultivate curiosity & evoke new growth to move forward.

Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for summer.

As we fold into summer, so does the wood energy of spring, move into the full Yang energy of fire. The most energetic phase & where action takes place. Summer energy is our time to expand, feel motivated & abundant. You will be encouraged to ignite your inner flame, opening into your personal power to create.

Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for late summer.

As our fire energy begins to cool, we move into the earth’s elemental energy, the late summer season. Earth is the aspect of all the energies in harmony, the Yang energies of spring & summer & Yin energies of autumn & winter. Late summer reminds us to find our center, & to develop trust. You will be encouraged to slow down, listen, & build confidence in your body’s innate intelligence. Consciously shifting into surrender energy.

Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for autumn.

The autumn season is when the energy of metal prevails, metal is the energy of accumulation & releasing waste, leaving only the essence behind. Autumn reminds us of the need for shredding what is no longer needed. Like valuable & precious minerals & metals, you will be encouraged to discover your self-worth & value. To see harmony as the already present possibility, embodying our experiences & connecting to what is deep inside.

Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for winter.

Winter is the energy associated with the water element; water is reflective, cooling, inward energy. A time for rest & rejuvenation, during which energy is conserved. With the spirit of winter, you will be encouraged to fully let go, allowing the body & breath to do the work. You will develop courage as you practice the balance of effort & surrender. When we learn to let go, we can shift from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic side and experience a calming release. We move from anxiety & hyper-stimulation to down-regulation, and our digestion, immune system, & other essential systems are restored.

The 5 Elements Practice Series

• 5 Structured 90-minute embodied classes to dive deeper into your yin yoga elemental practice.

• A BONUS 2-hour deep stretch, full body Yin yoga practice incorporating all 12 meridians.

• A special gift of five PDF elemental lesson plans for your own personal practice/teaching tools.

Learn something new in each class, as we explore a different physical focus with specific techniques to enhance body awareness of our connectivity with the elements, seasons & Meridian system.

Floor-based creative sequences, evoking deep stretches & reflective silences, where we invite the body to release & unwind habitual patterns & deep Savasana at the end.

Yin Yoga Asana Manual

• Fully illustrated Yin Yoga Asana Manual (E-Book) - printable & transferable to your own electronic device.
• 250 Asana & Variations to suit all anatomical structures, beginner & progressive routes.
• The asana benefits for each main pose.
• Contra-indications for common health/physical misalignments with variational options.
• How to get into the pose.
• Meridians & organs stimulated.
• Joints effected
• Recommended holding times

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Claire holds over 3,000 hours of Teacher Training & 20 years of yoga teaching experience. Teacher training incorporates influences from Hatha yoga, Forest yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Functional yoga, Restorative yoga, Trauma yoga, Yin yoga & Chinese Medicine principles.

Teacher trainers have included Gillian Russel, British Wheel of Yoga. Dr Francoise Freeman, Birthlight. Donna Farhi, Sacroiliac Stability. Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga. Maggie Reagh, Yoga Therapy International. Neil Pearson, Anatomy & Physiology for Musculoskeletal Conditions & Persistent Pain Specialist. Jaisri M Lambert, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Consultant. Todd Caldecott, Ayurvedic Practitioner, & Medical Herbalist. Tianne Allan, Restorative Yoga. Nicole Emily Marcia, Trauma & Addictions. DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar & Viji Vasu, Yoga Philosophy, Yogaraksanam, Chennai. Paul Grilley, Functional Yoga & Skeletal differences. Jo Phee & Joe Barnett, Yin Yoga. Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains, & Dr Vincent Chung, Chinese Medicine.

Claire is a Yoga Alliance RYT 500 yoga teacher qualified to lead teacher training & Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school.

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