Offering an embodied experienced of Chinese medicine techniques, Yin Yoga, Myofascia release & meditation.

Self Paced Online Practices, Short Courses & Trainings.

Whether you are new to Yin yoga, Myofascia techniques, Chinese medicine & meditation, or an experienced practitioner/teacher, wanting to build your knowledge base & resources. These trainings, short courses & class packages are embedded with all the essentials to give you a mindful holistic experience & integrated embodied learning journey .

These trainings, short courses & practices are entirely online, you can take as long as you want & come back to the resources as often as required. You will have access to a online training portal where all the physical practices & theoretical lessons can be viewed. All the resources are downloadable with additional resource manuals & certificates included for trainings.

    This creative Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine 20 hour online self paced course gently guides you into understanding our connectivity with the elements, & how Chinese Medicine & the meridian system relate to the yin yoga system & postures. Embedded with all the essentials & complimentary practices, the course will encourage you to sharpen your mental awareness to the messages of nature, slow down & listen to your own body’s innate intelligence.

    Seasonal Yin yoga self-care is how we can all cope better with daily stressors, & includes everything related to staying physically healthy including hygiene, exercise, nutrition, to how we manage our stressors in our daily life. Taking time out to check in with how we are taking care of our own health & well-being & giving ourselves time to ask yourself how you’re doing we can provide space to listen to what our body & mind is asking for.

    Offering an inward reflective learning experience of mindful Yin Yoga, Myofascia release & Meditation with this 10 Elements Mindful Practice Series. Learn something new in each physical practice, exploring a different area of the body with specific techniques, connected to the associated elemental meridians. Includes four separate themed meditations to compliment each physical practice & a deep yoga nidra practice.

    Offering an inward reflective learning experience of embodied Yin Yoga & Myofascia release with this 5 Elements Practice Series. Learn something new in each class, exploring a different area of the body with specific techniques to enhance body awareness of our connectivity with the elements, seasons & meridians.

About your teacher


Claire holds over 1,500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training & 17 years of teaching experience in a vast range of teaching styles including Hatha, Forest yoga, Yin yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Restorative yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine, & is an RYT 500 yoga teacher qualified to lead teacher trainings.

Claire's offerings are inclusive, holistic & therapeutic finding equal emphasis on strength building of the mind, body & soul, as well as graceful acceptance. Akira means ‘graceful strength ‘.

Claire encourages an inclusive learning environment that is informative, insightful, & embodies key theoretical concepts within the physical practices. She holds a passion for anatomy functionality & empowering her students.

Her focus is one of guidance & nurturing, allowing you to develop trust in your own bodies’ inherent wisdom, to open into your own personal experience, enriching your instinctive senses, & find your way of returning to a more balanced nature.

Claire has worked with thousands of students & clients all over the world as both a yoga teacher & therapist. She teaches classes, workshops, one-to-ones, retreats, & teacher training related to both the Yin & Yang style of yoga, therapeutic movement, functional anatomy, restorative practices, trauma focused, Chinese Medicine, myofascial ball techniques & massage.

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