Chinese medicine techniques & Yin yoga for both body & mind for the season of late summer

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Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for late summer. As our fire energy begins to cool, we move into the earth’s elemental energy, the late summer season. Earth is the aspect of all the energies in harmony, the Yang energies of spring & summer & Yin energies of autumn & winter. Late summer reminds us to find our center, & to develop trust. You will be encouraged to slow down, listen, & build confidence in your body’s innate intelligence. Consciously shifting into surrender energy.

In this online course you'll be guided through all the theoretical key concepts that relate to the late summer energy & the corresponding earth element, the associated meridians, the anatomical physical relationships & emotionality, disharmonies, personality attributes, & Yin & Yang aspects. You will receive an embodied yin yoga late summer full practice, a meditation, acupuncture pressure points that compliment the earth energy, essential oils, nutrition & recipes, self care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.


  • Access & login to the online portal. All the resources can be viewed online anytime with your login details. In addition, you can transfer the files to your preferred devices, such as a phone or tablet, to watch anytime offline.

  • 11 theoretical key concepts lessons, 1 Yin yoga 90-minute practice, 1 meditation & 2 Acupressure points. All lectures are held within a beautifully illustrated manual & all the physical practices are downloadable.

  • All the essentials to the season of late summer, characteristics, personality attributes & disharmonies.

  • Yin & Yang aspects, personality attributes & disharmonies.

  • Full analysis of all the main meridians associated with the season of late summer & how we apply this Meridian theory to our Yin yoga practice including the target areas for all the associated meridians & all the Yin yoga asana you can incorporate for an late summer self-practice/teaching tools.

  • Anatomic analysis of our Spleen, Pancreas & Stomach organs & their connections with the meridian system, inc functionality, emotional attributes & disharmonies.

  • How the Spleen, Pancreas & Stomach organs function together as an interconnected system, & interact with other organs within the body.

  • How the Spleen organ has connections with the mouth & the signs of imbalance.

  • Deep stretch with long holds, full Yin yoga practice into the hip flexors & front body. Separate associated Acupressure lectures, practices & manual to inspire creativity within your classes.

  • Essential oils, nutrition for late summer, four easy recipes, self-care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.

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