Chinese medicine techniques & Yin yoga for both body & mind for the season of Autumn.

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Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine self-care for autumn. The autumn season is when the energy of metal prevails, metal is the energy of accumulation & releasing waste, leaving only the essence behind. Autumn reminds us of the need for shredding what is no longer needed. Like valuable & precious minerals & metals, you will be encouraged to discover your self-worth & value. To see harmony as the already present possibility, embodying our experiences & connecting to what is deep inside.

In this online course you'll be guided through all the theoretical key concepts that relate to the autumn energy & the corresponding metal element, the associated meridians, the anatomical physical relationships & emotionality, disharmonies, personality attributes, & Yin & Yang aspects. You will receive an embodied yin yoga autumn full practice, a meditation, acupuncture pressure points that compliment the metal energy, essential oils, nutrition & recipes, self care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.


  • Access & login to the online portal. All the resources can be viewed online anytime with your login details. In addition, you can transfer the files to your preferred devices, such as a phone or tablet, to watch anytime offline.

  • 11 theoretical key concepts interactive lessons, 1 Yin yoga 90-minute practice, 1 meditation & 2 Acupressure points. All lectures are held within a beautifully illustrated manual & all the physical practices are downloadable.

  • All the essentials to the season of autumn, characteristics, personality attributes & disharmonies.

  • Yin & Yang aspects, personality attributes & disharmonies.

  • Full analysis of all the main meridians associated with the season of autumn & how we apply this Meridian theory to our Yin yoga practice including the target areas for all the associated meridians & all the Yin yoga asana you can incorporate for an autumn self-practice/teaching tools.

  • Anatomic analysis of our Lungs & Large Intestine organs & their connections with the meridian system, inc functionality, emotional attributes & disharmonies.

  • How the Lungs & Large Intestine organs function together as an interconnected system, & interact with other organs within the body.

  • How our Lungs have connections with the nose & skin, & the signs of imbalance.

  • Deep stretch with long holds, full Yin yoga practice into the shoulders, arms & chest. Separate associated Meridian Acupressure lectures, practices & manual to inspire creativity within your classes.

  • Essential oils, nutrition for autumn, four easy recipes, self-care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.

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