Offering an mindful learning experience of Yin Yoga, Myofascia release & Meditation for the elements.

Structured embodied classes to dive deeper into your yin yoga & meditation elemental practice.

  • Yin Yoga Practice 1 - Cultivating curiosity & adventure, evoking new growth with the wood element, Liver & Gallbladder meridians. Providing a deep stretch into the inner & outer thighs, hips, pelvis, & lower back.

  • Meditation practice 1 - a powerful meditation taking you on a visualization journey for the wood element.

  • Yin yoga practice 2 - Igniting your inner flame to come alive, as we open our heart, feel motivated & abundant with the fire element, Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine & Triple Warmer meridians. Providing a deep stretch into the chest, shoulders, arms, & upper back.

  • Meditation practice 2 - clearing mental clutter & calming the mind, a meditation to lower the heart rate, & rebalance the nervous system for the fire element.

  • Yin Yoga Practice 3 - Developing trust in your body’s inner wisdom as we consciously shift into surrender energy with the earth element, Stomach & Spleen meridians. Providing a deep stretch into the hip flexors, front body, pelvis, & hips.

  • Meditation practice 3 - a particularly effective grounding breathing meditation for the earth element.

  • Yin Yoga Practice 4 - To see harmony as the already present possibility, connecting to our pure essence & self worth with the metal element, Lungs & Large Intestine meridians. Providing a deep stretch into the shoulders, arms, & upper back.

  • Meditation practice 4 - discover your own sense of self worth & value with this meditation for the metal element.

  • Yin Yoga Practice 5 - Learning to fully let go & develop courage incorporating the balance of effort & surrender, with the water element, Kidneys & Urinary Bladder meridians. Providing a deep stretch into the hamstrings, groin, pelvis, hips.

  • Meditation practice 5 - an opportunity to cherish a deep nurturing restoration with this meditation for the water element.


  • Five embodied 90 minute Yin yoga classes.

  • Experience a different theme webbed throughout each class to inspire an embodied elemental Yin yoga practice.

  • Experience different yin yoga postures within each practice as we flow through this creative elemental themed practice series.

  • Encouraging a mindful practice, with long holds, & deep stretches. Enjoy intelligently sequenced & creative flows as we work through the whole body.

  • Marinate within the silence & deepen your instinctive practice of mind body connection.

  • Myofascia techniques are embodied within particular classes to gain maximum fascia release.

  • Offering a functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes, skeletal differences & physical abilities.

  • A blissful deep relaxation to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the class.

  • Four themed mindful meditations & a deep yoga nidra practice to compliment each physical practice & element theme.

  • All the practices are downloadable with available online teacher support.

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