During the season of Spring, the Wood energy arises. Wood is associated with movement & is emerging Yang energy (Yang within Yin). It is a transition from a season of Yin to a season of Yang: death to growth & cold to warmth. Similar to how new growth begins to push through the frozen Earth in Spring, Wood energy is expansive, associated with growth & development. In the human body, wood energy is the movement of your muscles & the activity of your tissues. Spring is reminding us of new growth, to let go of the past. Wood energy demands free expression & space for expansion, imbalances gives rise to feelings of resentment, anger, & jealousy regulated within the Liver & Gallbladder meridians.


  • 2 hour full embodied practice for both mind & body

  • Breath Meditation with complimentary hand Mudra for the liver

  • Mindful practice with long holds & deep stretches using creative sequencing

  • Themed class linked to the season of Spring, element of Wood, the Liver & Gallbladder meridians

  • Exploring the subtler layers, from the energetic to the psycho-emotional, to the psychological dimensions.

  • Functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes & abilities

  • Understanding & experiencing the rebound.`

  • Long Blissful Savasana to receive maximum benefit from the class

  • Lifelong online access with online teacher support

Stepping into Spring - full 2 hour online practice

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    Stepping into Spring with the Wood Element, Liver & Gallbladder meridians

    • Stepping into Spring - full 2 hour embodied practice


Props required - yoga mat, blocks/bolster if you have them or just some cushions or pillows. Towel or Blanket to pad knees.

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