Chinese Medicine Techniques & Yin yoga for Spring Self-care

Chinese medicine philosophy that links both body & mind with the elements & meridian system.


During the season of spring, the wood energy arises. Associated with movement & fluidity, a time for new growth & fresh starts. After our period of restoration during the winter months, we now emerge ready with our creative energy to move our ideas forward.

You will be encouraged to listen to the messages of the body as you become the adventurer, cultivating curiosity & evoking new growth.

In this online course you'll be guided through all the theoretical key concepts that relate to self care during the season of spring, the Chinese medicine energetic philosophy, the corresponding wood element characteristics, detailed correlating meridians analysis, comprehensive detailed anatomical physical relationships, & correlating emotionality. You will receive an embodied 90 minute yin yoga practice for spring, a meditation practice, acupuncture pressure points, essential oils, recipes & nutrition, self care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.

Offering you all the essentials to compliment & embrace selfcare during the season of spring.


  • Access & login to the online portal.

  • 11 theoretical key concepts lessons and 2 full practice videos.

  • Learn about the Chinese medicine philosophical perspective of the energetics associated with the season of spring, the corresponding wood element energies, yin & yang attributes & aspects within the human body.

  • Learn about the movement of the wood element energy in spring in the 4 elemental phases, elemental imbalances between the elements and detailed examples within the human body.

  • Detailed analysis of the associated meridians, fully detailed anatomical relationship with the physical body & related emotionality.

  • All the Yin yoga asana postures we can incorporate to target the season of spring, wood element & associated meridians, & reflective themed considerations we can embed within our Yin yoga for an embodied practice.

  • A full length 90 minute embodied spring practice, stimulating the associated Liver & Gallbladder meridians. You will receive a deep stretch into the inner thighs, groin, pelvis & side of the body. A separate powerful meditation taking you on a visualization journey to evoke your creative energy.

  • Learn associated meridians acupressure points to create balance.

  • Nutritional recipes & essential oils for the season of Spring; lifestyle tips & self care suggestions to harmonize with the season; Self Inquiry prompt, inspirations & reflections.

  • Downloadable practices & resources in a beautifully illustrated 43 page resource manual.

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