Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques & Yin yoga for the season of summer

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Just as spring develops naturally into summer, so too does wood into the full Yang energy of fire. Fire is the creative energy, our personal power to create.

The most energetic phase, where all life flourishes & where action takes place. Summer energy is our time to expand, to move forward with our ideas, & to feel abundant. Connected to our heart, the seat of our emotions. Ignite your inner flame to come alive, as we open our heart centre, feel motivated & abundant.

In this online course you'll be guided through all the theoretical key concepts that relate to the season of summer, the associated element, meridians, yin & yang aspects, the elemental phases, anatomical physical relationships, & correlating emotionality You will receive an embodied yin yoga with myofascia release practice, a meditation practice, acupuncture pressure points that compliment the summer energy, essential oils, nutrition & recipes, self care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.


  • Access & login to the online portal.

  • 7 Practice & theoretical key concepts lessons.

  • Learn about the energetics of the season of summer, the associated element, yin & yang aspects, all the associated meridians, anatomical relationship with the physical body & our correlating emotionality.

  • Learn about the movements of the summer energy within the fire element in the 4 elemental phases, elemental imbalances & reflective considerations we can embed within our Yin yoga practice.

  • An embodied Summer Yin yoga practice to increase flexibility & joint health in the spine, chest & shoulders & release excess emotion & negativity we can store inside both body & mind, associated with stress & anxiety, as we stimulate into the Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine & Triple Warmer meridians. A separate meditation to clear mental clutter & calm the mind, lowering the heart rate, & rebalance the nervous system for the summer season.

  • Associated meridians acupressure points to create balance.

  • Nutritional recipes & essential oils for the fire element.

  • Harmonizing lifestyle tips & self care suggestions.

  • Self Inquiry prompts, inspirations & reflections.

  • All physical practices, lessons & resources are downloadable, with an additional beautifully illustrated color resource manual.

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