Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques & Yin yoga for Autumn.

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As summer passes into autumn, the energy of metal prevails, metal is the energy of accumulation & releasing waste, leaving only the essence ready for the next cycle of nature. Autumn reminds us of the need for shredding what is no longer needed.

Similar to the valuable & precious minerals & metals that are found deep within the earth, so too can we discover our own self worth & value. To see harmony as the already present possibility, embodying our experiences & connecting to what is deep inside.

In this online course you'll be guided through all the theoretical key concepts that relate to the energy of autumn, the corresponding metal element, yin & yang aspects, the elemental phases, the associated meridians, the anatomical physical relationships & correlated emotionality, an embodied autumn yin yoga practice with myofascia release, a meditation practice, acupuncture pressure points that compliment this season, essential oils, nutrition, self care, lifestyle suggestions, inspirations & reflections.

Offering all the essentials to embrace the spirit of the autumn.


  • Access and login to online portal.

  • 7 Practice & theoretical key concepts lessons.

  • Learn about the energetics of autumn, the corresponding metal element, yin & yang aspects, the associated meridians, anatomical relationship with the physical body & our related emotionality.

  • Learn about the energy of autumn within the metal element movements in the 4 elemental phases, elemental imbalances & reflective considerations we can incorporate within our Yin yoga practice.

  • A full length guided embodied autumn yin yoga practice with myofascia release techniques, stimulating into the associated Lungs & Large Intestine meridians. You will receive a deep stretch into the spine, shoulders & chest . A separate meditation discovering your own sense of self worth & value for the metal element.

  • Associated meridians acupressure points to create balance.

  • Seasonal nutritional recipes & essential oils.

  • Harmonizing lifestyle tips & self care suggestions.

  • Self Inquiry prompts, inspirations & reflections.

  • All physical practices, lessons & resources are downloadable, with an additional beautifully illustrated color resource manual.

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