Chinese medicine philosophy that links both body & mind with the elements, the meridian system & our organ functionality.

This creative Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine online course gently guides you into understanding our connectivity with the elements, & how the meridian system & organ functionality relate to the yin yoga system & postures.

Embedded with all the elemental essentials, the course will encourage you to sharpen your mental awareness to the messages of nature, slow down & listen to your own body’s innate wisdom.

You will gain a embodied healing perspective, & all the practical guidance in how to use these healing practices within yin yoga, your teaching & daily life.
• 40 theoretical key concepts lessons with 15 physical practices.

• Learn the full energetics of each element, characteristics, attributes Yin & Yang aspects & disharmonies.

• Analytic breakdown of the 12 main meridians & how we apply this theory to our Yin yoga practice.

• Detailed anatomical analysis of all our organs & their connections with the meridian system, their functionality, emotional & energetic attributes & how the organs function together.

• Learn the essential essence held within the body & how this relates to our overall health.

• Understand the target area within our Yin asana for each meridian.

• Elemental yin yoga considerations to promote an embodied themed practice.

• Five 90 minute elemental deep stretch Yin Yoga practices, including Myofascia release techniques within two classes.

•Five separate elemental meditations.

• Acupressure points practices for each element.

• A deep Yoga Nidra practice.

• Practice reflection themes of Adventure, Abundance, Trust, Harmony & Courage embedded within the physical practices.

• Over 170 pages of training material in 5 resource manuals of the whole training.

• All training resources & classes are downloadable.

• Yoga Alliance Continuing Education certificate.

Each week is embedded with easy to follow lectures of all the essential components to each element, analytic breakdown of all the associated organs & each meridian to maximize your learning & understanding of the connectivity of the world around you, integrated within your body, emotions & mental wellness. Igniting empowerment within, promoting your confidence to embrace & trust the natural pure essence of what holds each & every one of us.


Each week you will receive a 90 minute physical practice that sets the tone for the emergence of understanding the associated element, quality, & awareness its attributes offer. Learn something new within each practice offering different Yin yoga asana for each practice. Elemental themes are embedded throughout each class, & functional variations are offered to suit all body shapes & skeletal structures.


Each week you’ll have a different focus to consider. Week one, Adventure; Week two, Abundance; Week three, Trust; Week four, Harmony. Week five, Courage.


Offering you four separate 15 minute meditations to compliment each separate element. You have freedom to integrate them straight after the physical practice or use at different times when needed.


Offering a 20 minute yoga nidra to develop self compassion, honoring needs of rest & restoration to compliment the water element.


Elemental acupressure point practices linked with each weekly element & the associated meridians.



THEORY: Wood element, Liver & Gallbladder Organs & Meridians.
PRACTICES: Adventure. Learning to listen to the messages of the body, as you become the adventurer. Cultivating curiosity & evoking new growth.
Meditation for the wood element.
Acupressure points for the wood element.


THEORY: Fire Element, Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, & Triple Warmer Organs & Meridians.
PRACTICES: Abundance. Igniting our inner flame, as we open our heart centre, feel motivated & abundant.
Meditation for the fire element
Acupressure points for the fire element.


THEORY: Earth element, Spleen & Stomach Organs & Meridians
PRACTICES: Trust. Developing trust in your body's inherent wisdom as we consciously shift into surrender energy.
Meditation for the earth element
Acupressure points for the earth element.


THEORY: Metal element, Lungs & Large Intestine Organs & Meridians.
PRACTICES: Harmony. Inviting harmony as the already present possibility, embodying our experience & connecting to our sense of self worth.
Meditation for the metal element
Acupressure points for the metal element.


THEORY: Water element, Kidneys & Urinary Bladder Organs & Meridians.
PRACTICES: Courage. Developing courage as you learn to fully let go. Practicing the balance of effort & surrender.
Yoga nidra for the water element
Acupressure points for the water element.


Corné Lamprecht

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Thank you so much for taking the time to share your valuable knowledge and practices. I gained so much wisdom. I very much enjoyed the practices and meditations. In the process filling my own cup, to be able to share from the overflow! Namaste, Corne

Katy Ricks Willis

I recently completed Claire’s Yin Yoga online. The timing for this wonderful self-study invitation has overlapped perfectly with where I’ve been lately in my journey of growing and healing. Thank you Akirayoga for the beautiful space you created and held. I appreciated the ways you modeled the power of silence and going inward—of listening with our entire body. I love that it included meridians, Chinese medicine. this course uncovered the answers I was searching for. It opened the door to the experiences I needed in order to find my next step. Namaste!

Joey Kang

I had an amazing Yin yoga training from Claire. She is not just only a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, but also a caring and compassionate life mentor. As english isn’t my mother language plus this is my first yoga training, at the beginning I was kind of scared of getting understand on all the lessons. However, her consistent encouragement and passionate truly inspiring me. The knowledge I’ve learnt from this training is more than I expected. Now I feel more confident to practice Yin on my own with awareness of what’s for me.

Emma Kavanagh

I completed my Yin Yoga training with Claire. The experience was amazing. I got so much from the training on a personal level. Having always had a lot of Yang energy this gave me a deep feeling of balance and how to create this for others. I really fell in love with Yin and the deeper work it does on a physical and emotional level. I would Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to teach yin or go deeper into the practice. Claire is wonderful, compassionate and so knowledgeable.

Diana Pieper

I had the most amazing time learning from Claire in the yin yoga teacher training. She has a great knowledge of yoga in general and especially in yin yoga. She has a great way to provide her knowledge and to bring the theory into practice. I even learned a lot of things to integrate into my yang hours and personal practice. Out of the many ttc I have already done, I probably enjoyed this one the most. I would def come back to Claire if I want to deepen my yin knowledge and teachings.

Manuela Hiermer

I did the Yin YTT with Claire. Claire is a very experienced and competent teacher. I love her authenticity and her positive energy. She provided well structured and clear information during the theory lectures. Claire guided us through different practical classes which were designed in a way that we learned to respect and get to know our own body and mind better. This served as a foundation for our own authentic teaching and a deeper understanding of the Yin Yoga theory. Highly recommended!

Ing Spence

After not long completing Yin teacher training with Claire… words can not express the gratitude I feel. On so many levels. I loved every minute of it. Claire is an incredible instructor, teacher and mentor. I would whole heartily recommend any of Claire’s retreats or training as she has a wealth of knowledge and her energy is so inspiring. She has the ability to transform and bring out the best in oneself. A very special soul indeed.

Peter Yip

Extraordinary knowledge in Yin Yoga. My Teacher Claire Green is amazing she really changed me into positive pathway in reaching my future goal. Thank you so much for everything and love you always, Namaste



    This yin yoga online training is for anyone who’s interested in learning & embedding our connectivity with the elements and meridian system. Whether you are new to Yin yoga, an experienced practitioner, or a yoga teacher wishing to learn more about an embodied elemental practice.


    The course is an entirely self paced online course. Upon purchase you will be asked to input your own email & password to login to the online portal where all the resources are held. All the resources can be viewed online anytime with your login details, or downloaded. You are able to transfer the files to your preferred device, such as a phone or tablet to watch anytime offline.


    Course materials will be available for the lifetime of the course, & if you download for as long as you wish to keep them. You do not have to complete the course in 5 weeks. All the materials are available for your use at any time following purchase.


    This yin yoga online training includes 40 theoretical key concepts lessons with 15 physical practices. There are five weekly themed modules of Trust, Adventure, Abundance, Harmony & Surrender linked to the physical Yin yoga practices. Each week you receive access to all the relevant training material, including the associated elemental manual, all theoretical lessons, one full 90 minute yin yoga practice, a meditation or yoga nidra & Acupressure points practices. Included within this training is additional bonus lifestyle elemental material to inspire your journey.


    This 20 Hour Course is $259.99 inclusive of Tax.


    If you are not totally satisfied with the program, you may request a refund with submission of a reflection questionnaire to show you have completed at least two elements of the program within 14 days of your purchase. A partial payment will be taken for the first two elements due to the downloadable aspect & any payment fees accumulated.


    No – this is a completely self paced online course, all the materials are yours to keep forever. You do not have to complete the course in 5 weeks. You can take as long as you want & come back to the resources as often as required, they are for you to keep & placed in elemental separate manuals for your own yin yoga resources.


    Yes – on completion of the program a 20 Hour Yin Yoga Certificate is awarded, these hours can be accredited towards Yoga Alliance ‘Continuing Education’ requirements for registered teachers. Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school.


    Yes – akirayoga promotes an inclusive learning platform. The learning platform is very easy to both access & follow for you to complete the course with ease. You can contact me directly with questions, insights & guidance using the contact email. I will respond to emails within a 24 hour period & skype additional support can also be provided upon request.

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